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Material handling equipment encompasses a range of tools and devices utilized by businesses for the movement and organization of products within various industries. These devices consist of electronic equipment, which facilitates the transportation of boxes and other materials. Selecting appropriate material handling equipment tailored to the specific desires of a company enables efficient movement, control, and safety of materials, thus minimizing the risk of damage.


At Buildtech, we recognize the paramount importance of this aspect. This is why We will always do our best to offer an expertly manufactured, diversified range of equipment materials that would be tailored to meet the special requirements of the most diverse industries and applications. Our commitment to providing top-notch solutions stems from the understanding that every business requires tailored tools to optimize its material handling processes. With Buildtech, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect equipment to streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and ensure safety.


Our Variety of Material Handling Equipments

Door Lifting Equipment

Doors are ubiquitous in industrial settings, and their efficient handling is crucial for seamless operations. We offer door-lifting equipment with strong solutions to move, position, and install doors with the maximum possible precision and security. Our equipment ranges from heavy-duty industrial doors to the most fragile commercial ones, ensuring smooth handling while reducing manual effort and, at the same time, even accident possibilities.

Box Lifting Equipment

Across all industries, handling boxes, crates, and containers is a routine task that needs specialized equipment material for maximum efficiency. Our box-lifting device enables convenient and faster loading, offloading, and movements of boxes of various sizes and weights. Some characteristics associated with our products include detachable handgrips, easy-to-use controls, and a strong lifting system.

Sack Lifting Equipment

Sacks and bags are prevalent in industries dealing with bulk materials such as agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. Our sack lifting equipment offers versatile solutions for lifting, tilting, and emptying sacks with ease. Whether it’s grains, chemicals, or construction materials, our equipment ensures efficient handling, minimizing strain on workers and expediting material flow.

Extensive Expertise


Very experienced and deep learning over the years allows us to understand even the most intricate challenges of material handling in any sector. Our specialized team is going to share and work in tight collaboration with the customers, oriented toward defining and knowing their material handling requirements, to work out the most efficient configuration for them.

Quality Assurance


We take a continuing commitment to being the best supplier of material handling equipment in the industry.We observe strict quality control that ensures reliability and durability from the design and manufacturing stages to the installation and maintenance stages.

Customization Options


We provide adaptable solutions that can be tailored to fit particular applications and workflows because we understand that every business has different needs. Whether it's modifying equipment dimensions, adding specialized features, or integrating automation technologies, we strive to accommodate diverse requirements.

Comprehensive Support


Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale of equipment. We also extend a variety of support services like installation assistance, training programs, preventive maintenance, and prompt technical support. We are in existence only to assist the clients in receiving the knowledge and resources needed to get the best performance and longest life from their

We’re confident in our ability to exceed your expectations with our extensive range of high-quality material handling products, commitment to customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.


Vacumaster – can lifter up to 2 tonnes of product


Vacumaster – can lifter up to 2 tonnes of product


Vacumaster – can lifter up to 2 tonnes of product


Door Lifting


Box lifting


Sack lifting

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