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When standard conveyor options fall short due to complex materials, unique industry processes, or specific environmental needs, Buildtech System, a conveyor system manufacturer, offers custom automation solutions. Our team designs bespoke conveyors tailored to your requirements, whether for manufacturing, delicate parts handling, product buffering, or food-grade applications.


We combine industry expertise with client data to understand your needs thoroughly and mitigate potential risks. Each design prioritizes durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance and adaptability to evolving market demands. With us, you can trust an automated conveyor system that maximizes customer satisfaction and effectively addresses your toughest challenges.


Our Varieties of Conveyor System

Chain Conveyor System


Known for their strength and versatility, chain conveyors move heavy loads efficiently over long distances.

Belt Conveyor System


Flexible and adaptable, belt conveyors are perfect for moving a wide range of materials, big or small

Rail Conveyor System


Made for fast and precise handling of materials, rail conveyors suit high-speed operations and can be customized.

Slate Conveyor


Specifically designed for delicate or irregular items, slate conveyors ensure gentle transport without compromising efficiency.

Why Choose Our Conveyor System



We build conveyor systems that are built to keep delivering great performance in the toughest environments.



We understand that every operation is unique, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and compatibility.



Our conveyor systems incorporate the latest automation technology, from sensors, controllers, and software interfaces, to enhance workflow efficiency that cuts down labor costs and increases overall productivity.

Technical Support


From the first consultation of the design to its actualization, installation, and even maintenance, our professional team guarantees complete support in all steps so that its integration is smooth and achieves continuous operation.

Ready to find your solution?

Applications of Conveyor System


Automated conveyor systems are versatile and find applications across various industries:


Manufacturing: Conveyor systems in automotive assembly lines streamline the movement of components, optimizing production efficiency. In food processing plants, they ensure hygienic and continuous transportation of ingredients and finished products, adhering to stringent quality standards.


Warehousing and Distribution: When it comes to small product sizes or large items, the conveyor systems sort and dispatch the products very quickly. Conveyor systems very easily integrate into all kinds of inventory management systems, increasing perfection and throughput.


Mining and Quarrying: The mining and quarrying conveyors efficiently convey bulk materials over long distances without much manual labor and the chances of meeting accidents. They are built to withstand the environment and, thus, help in continued productivity amid tough geographical challenges.


Packaging: Automated packaging lines rely on conveyor systems for precise product positioning and seamless integration with packaging machinery. They accommodate various packaging formats and ensure consistent output, supporting high-volume production while maintaining product integrity.


Airport Baggage Handling: Conveyor systems in airports utilize advanced sorting technologies to efficiently route luggage to the correct destinations. They enhance baggage handling accuracy and speed, reducing wait times for passengers and optimizing overall airport operations.


Heavy-Duty Transport: Our conveyor solutions for pharmaceutical goods encompass heavy-duty designs capable of safely transporting large pallets and containers. They are engineered with robust materials and specialized features for reliable operation in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.


Customized Product Handling: Tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical products, our conveyor systems offer precise handling of different sizes and batch volumes. They incorporate adjustable speeds, gentle product handling mechanisms, and hygiene-focused designs to ensure product safety and integrity throughout the production process.


As a belt conveyor supplier in Malaysia and a conveyor system manufacturer, we offer end-to-end solutions encompassing design, installation, and start-up support, all tailored to meet your scheduling and delivery requirements. Our commitment to excellence ensures that plant managers experience seamless operations with solutions that resolve challenges effectively. Whether you require complete conveyor systems or turn-key projects, we deliver comprehensive answers to your needs.


Chain Conveyor


Chain Conveyor


Belt Conveyor


Rail Conveyor


Slate Conveyor

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