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Electrical Control Systems, the amalgamation of electrical components, devices, and circuits, serve as the backbone of automation and regulation across diverse sectors. From industrial machinery to residential environments, these systems facilitate seamless operation and management of processes.


At Buildtech, we understand the pivotal role electrical control systems play in optimizing operations across various industries. ECS is made up of numerous parts that cooperate to control and manage machinery and electrical equipment. Every component, from straightforward switches to intricate programmable logic controllers (PLCs), is essential to maintaining functionality. Our dedicated group of control system engineers is prepared to provide customized solutions that maximize your business’s performance. We guarantee flawless integration and exceptional performance with painstaking attention to detail and a dedication to excellence.


Components of Electrical Control Systems


A comprehensive electrical control system comprises several key components:


Sensors and Actuators: Actuators start the required reaction or action, while sensors identify changes in the environment or process variables. The system can perceive and interact with the physical world thanks to these components, which together form its sensory and executive arms.


Controllers: Processing sensory inputs and producing the proper output signals to maintain desired operating conditions, controllers act as the electrical control system’s brain. Depending on the complexity of the application, these can vary from simple on-off controllers to sophisticated PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controllers.


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): These are unique types of digital computers with features like fault diagnosis, real-time monitoring, and robust programming often used in the manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure sectors for automation and management of industrial electromechanical processes.


Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs): These are graphical interfaces through which an operator can see and control the electrical control system. This feature follows intuitive displays that allow seamless interactions where the staff is capable of making process visualization, parameter setting, and sound response to any given alarm or deviation.


Communication Networks: Communication networks are essential to the modern ECS architectures because they allow different system components to exchange data. CAN bus, Profibus, Ethernet, and Modbus are a few of the widely used protocols that enable smooth interoperability and integration.

Design and Implementation of Electrical Control Systems


Careful planning is a hallmark of Buildtech’s approach to developing and executing electrical control systems. We use our multidisciplinary knowledge to create customized solutions that meet customer needs and industry standards. Our process encompasses:

Needs Assessment


Understanding client objectives, operational constraints, and regulatory requirements form the cornerstone of our design process

System Architecture


We meticulously design the system architecture, delineating the interconnection of components, redundancy measures, and fail-safe mechanisms to ensure robust performance under diverse scenarios

Component Selection


Leveraging our extensive network of trusted suppliers, we source high-quality components renowned for their reliability, durability, and compatibility with the intended application

Installation and Integration


Our seasoned technicians execute installation and integration with precision, adhering to best practices and safety protocols to minimize downtime and ensure seamless interoperability with existing infrastructure

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Advantages of Electrical Control Systems


The adoption of electrical control systems confers several tangible benefits to Buildtech and its clientele:

Enhanced Efficiency


By automating processes and optimizing resource utilization, electrical control systems streamline operations, reducing cycle times and enhancing overall productivity.

Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance


Advanced diagnostic capabilities inherent in modern control systems enable proactive fault detection, facilitating prompt remediation and minimizing costly downtime.

Energy Optimization


Electrical control systems enable Buildtech to apply energy-saving strategies with a good cost and environment saving by intelligent monitoring and control of all energy-consuming devices.

Scalability and Flexibility


Designed with scalability in mind, our control systems empower clients to adapt to evolving requirements and expand operations without overhauling the infrastructure.

Compliance and Safety


Electrical control systems reduce operational risk and protect people and property by enforcing compliance with regulations and putting safety interlocks in place.

Electrical control systems epitomize the top of technological innovation, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. At Buildtech, we leverage our expertise and passion for innovation to pioneer ECS solutions that redefine industry standards.


Trust us to illuminate the path to a brighter, more efficient future through the power of Electrical Control Systems.


Electrical Design

Our electrical and control system design are designed using automated tools for detailed, quality compliant and consistent results. Some electrical design that we produce includes physical panel layout, wiring, I/O wiring, rack layout.


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Programming

Our programming method provides flexibility for us to revise per application requirements to ensure customer’s control system maintains reliability and functioning at its best.

Besides our expertise in PLC programming, we are also able to develop for the following proprietary languages:
– Siemens
– Omron
– Mitsubishi


SCADA/HMI Programming

With the advancement of Human Machine Interface (HMI), it has become an essential tool in plant operations. With better interaction being developed between machine and the operator, operator efficiency will be greatly increased.


Report Information Programming

Our solutions allow us to gather and analyze data to better understand your machines performance metrics. With such informed data (metrics), it will help customers avoid failures within operations, work more efficiently and discover new values.


Panel Fabrication

We specialize in fabricating anything from single phase to three phase Panels. Our Panel Fabrication team conducts power testing before sending completed Panels to customer sites.


Install & Commissioning

Our Implementation team is tasked with Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to make sure we deliver our product and services in compliance and quality. Below are some of the Testing Services we provide:


I/O Checkout
I/O is checked for continuity throughout the system using PLC program to ensure proper addressing and physical device relationship for uninterrupted processes.


On-Site Modifications
We understand as part of an initial roll-out, small modifications on control systems (PLC, HMI programs) in order to meet unforeseen circumstances. We will always deploy a control engineer on-site to handle such requirements.


No product System Testing
We run such tests to confirm sequencing of the system device is done correctly. This will provide time for further modifications to meet customer demands without wasting any products.


Pre-production Testing
This is the final stage of commissioning. We support customers with pre-production testing to confirm the performance of the control system and make sure it meets specification.

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